The Barrier Islands Governmental Council By-Laws


The name of the organization shall be THE BARRIER ISLANDS GOVERNMENTAL COUNCIL: also referred to as "THE BIG C".


To stimulate communications between the barrier islands municipalities to focus on problems common to all, including but not limited to beach preservation, beach re-nourishment and access, tourism, marine environment, air and water quality, public safety, public transportation, density management, recycling, waterway regulation, and taxation based on permanent residents and average transient population The overriding goal is to unite the municipalities and to be able to have one voice addressing the County, State and Federal Governments while respecting the individuality of each city.


Section 1. Qualifications.

Membership is limited to the municipalities on the barrier islands consisting of the City of St. Pete Beach,
the City of Treasure Island, the City of Madeira Beach, the Town of Redington Beach, the Town of North Redington Beach, the Town of Redington Shores, the Town of Indian Shores, the City of Indian Rocks Beach, the City of Belleair Shore, the City of Belleair Beach and the City of Clearwater.

Section 2. Representation.

All elected officials of each municipality shall be members of the Council, one of whom shall be designated by the municipality as the primary voting delegate. Each municipality may appoint other elected officials as first and second alternate voting delegates. Each municipality shall designate its delegates in writing.

Delegate #1 - Name - Voting delegate.
Delegate #2 - Name - Alternate to delegate # 1.
Delegate #3 - Name - Alternate to delegate #2.

An alternate delegate may vote when the primary delegate is absent. Each municipality is entitled to one vote.

Section 3. Dues.

In lieu of dues, the Executive Board, with the approval of a majority vote of the quorum at any scheduled meeting, may call for an assessment of each member municipality to offset the expenses of the BIG C. The assessment is payable upon invoicing by the Secretary/Treasurer and is considered delinquent sixty (60) days thereafter. If assessment payment is delinquent, voting rights shall be suspended until the assessment is paid.


Section 1. Qualifications.

Only elected officials appointed by the municipality member shall be qualified to serve as officers; the officers of the Council shall be a President, Vice President, and a Secretary/Treasurer.

Section 2. Election and Term.

The officers shall be elected at-large by the voting members at the annual meeting and shall serve for a term of two (2) years or until their (respective) successors are elected.

Section 3. Duties.

A. The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint all committees with approval of the BIG C Membership, call special meetings when deemed necessary, be ex-officio of all committees except the nominating committee, prepare the agenda for meetings and adhere to them, and perform other duties as required.

B. The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in his or her absence, or in the vacancy of that office, and shall perform such other duties as may be requested by the President or the Executive Board.

C. The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep the minutes and any official records, collect all monies and deposit them in a bank account in the name of the Council, pay all bills authorized by the Executive Board, keep an accurate record of receipts and disbursements, follow standard acceptable accounting practices, make a financial report at the end of the year and at each regular meeting and perform such other duties as may be required by the President or the Executive Board.


Section 1. Regular

Regular membership meetings shall be held the last Wednesday of each month. The meeting held in April shall be called the Annual Meeting. The November/December Meeting may be combined due to the Holiday Season at the discretion of the President.

Section 2. Special

A special meeting for urgent matters may be called by any six (6) members by notifying the Secretary. The Secretary will follow-up and confirm the meeting in writing.

Section 3. Quorum.

A quorum shall consist of representatives of six (6) municipalities.


Section 1. Board Members.  The members of the Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers and standing committee chairpersons.

Section 2. Meetings. The Executive Board shall meet not fewer than one (1) time annually, upon call of the
President or by any two (2) members A quorum shall be a majority of the Executive Board members.

Section 3. Duties. The Executive Board shall approve the appointment of the Chairperson of all standing and
special committees and shall transact any emergency business of the Council between regular meetings and report at the next regular meeting.


Section 1. Standing.

  1. The Nominating Committee, consisting of a representative of each of three (3) municipalities, shall be

appointed by the President three (3) months in advance of the annual meeting and shall present its report at the annual meeting. The committee shall nominate not more than one candidate for each office. Nominations from the floor will be called for on the day of the Annual Meeting.

B. The Audit Committee shall consist a representative of each of two (2) municipalities appointed by the President. The Audit Committee shall inspect the books of the Treasurer prior to the annual meeting and to give a report at the meeting on the state of the BIG C finances and financial record keeping.

Section 2. Special.

Special Committees and Sub-committees may be appointed by the President with approval of the BIG C delegate membership.


Rules for procedure shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order. Newly Revised.


In the event that this Council is dissolved, any remaining funds in the Treasury shall be equally distributed to the eleven member municipalities of the BIG C.

These by-laws may be amended with prior notice at any regular meeting by a majority vote of a quorum of members present and voting.


In order to pass a BIG C Resolution, two-thirds (8) of the quorum of member municipalities present must vote in favor of a motion and second made to approve the Resolution.

Amended: March 31, 2010.